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Components with highly sensitive surfaces are used in automotive, semiconductor, optical and display technologies. Pick-up and release with conventional gripping systems involves the risk of surface damage and contamination, and fail in extreme environments.

Researchers at the Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM) have enhanced the Gecko principle such that adhesion can be modulated.

Our experts provide novel solutions for your handling problems – to glass, metal, wafers, in vacuum and in outer space!

For Details on GECOMER® Technology

Turning evolution into revolutionary technical designs

Gecomer® Technologies are the result of a decade of fundamental research into the supreme clinging abilities in nature, especially in geckoes. Aided by clean-room technology and computer simulation, we have developed proprietary surface architectures that stick reversibly to diverse materials. Adhesion and release performance is tailored to the requirements through material, topography and miniaturization. Prototypes implemented in an industrial 6-axis robot arm have demonstrated the versatile pick-and-place functionality. High speeds and durability are part of the design. Characteristics include:

  • Applicable to diverse materials surfaces

    Sticking and release action are precisely optimized for the material and surface in question. Suitability has been demonstrated to glass, metal, polymer, silicon wafers and other surfaces with limited roughness.

  • Fast switching cycles possible

    Switching between adhesion and release is accomplished by robotic control, without the use of suction, chemicals and electrical or magnetic fields. Production-speed pick-and-place cycles have been demonstrated.

  • Suitable for vacuum applications

    The technology is functional under reduced atmospheric pressure and vacuum conditions. Hence gripping action is possible in situations where conventional pick-and-place devices cease to operate.

  • No harmful residues or contaminations

    As contact occurs by a purely physical mechanism, the contacting surfaces are not modified by contaminations or foreign objects. High cleanliness standards and clean-room specifications can be maintained.

  • Handling of delicate, scratch-sensitive objects

    The Gecomer® surfaces are designed to optimally distribute contact stresses. This allows the contacting and handling of sensitive and fragile materials that do not tolerate strong point loadings.

  • Protected intellectual property

    The principles behind Gecomer® Technologies are patent-protected and allow the development of proprietary application processes. Contact our experts for an analysis of the IP situation and for creating your novel custom-made handling


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